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As the name implies, lifestyle newborn photography involves photographing family members as well as the newborn. This approach is different from traditional newborn posing, which isn't always appropriate or realistic for a newborn. You can choose to have your newborn photographed in their room or nursery, as long as it is comfortable and safe for them. Lifestyle photographers can also choose to take photographs of the nursery, as well as any other special items in the space.

Since this is a newborn session, it is crucial that we capture your baby in their brand-new state. Ideally, new-born stages occur in the first two to three weeks of your baby's life. They are still extremely asleep, so we can pose them in those adorable, cuddly poses that everyone adores. A few days prior to your session, you will receive a prep guide with advice on how to get ready for the appointment for both you and your new child. We understand that this time can be a little overwhelming for new parents, which is why we do all of the work ourselves. You actually only need to arrive with your child and their food (breast or bottle), and we'll take care of the rest!

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It is best to take newborn family photos indoors. Because newborns don't move and require warmth, this is the best option. The newborn is also asleep throughout the photo shoot, so your focus will be on the baby itself. You can get some great shots of the baby wrapped in blankets, dressed in regular clothing, and even feed the baby. You can go out at night to take newborn family photos.

Maternity Photographer Okotoks
Maternity Newborn Photography Packages

Maternity Newborn Photography Packages

Connection, love, and unity are the main themes of a family photo session. Don't undervalue the value of getting professional family portraits. These pictures will be treasured for a lifetime by your children and their children. In the end, all we have left are our memories, therefore let's take this chance to create them as a group!

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Another important factor when planning newborn photography sessions is the mother's health. Newborns tend to sleep better when they're in a womb-like state, and they're less likely to have baby acne during their first few weeks. Ideally, you should schedule your newborn photo shoot between two and three weeks of age. However, you should still book the shoot if your baby is not yet two weeks old.

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It's easy for people to get caught up with the glamour of newborn and maternal photography. But how can you get started in this type of work? There are several ways to get your foot in front of the camera and secure a great package for maternity and newborn photography. You can do a lot of research. You might find a photographer who offers packages at an affordable price, but that doesn't mean you should skip on the details.

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Since I started, I've had the incredible fortune of photographing countless families. I adore watching the newborns I photographed develop in front of my camera. My favorite part of the job has been getting to know families and being able to offer them the gift of timeless photos.